Ultrasound_Monotypi_40x26 cm_FOR SALE

A place of dreams_Monoprint_30x42cm

I still love you_Ink on paper_15x20cm_P.O.

Hope_Monoprint_30x42cm_FOR SALE

Go there_Monoprint_40x54cm_SOLD

To my brothers_Ink/pencil on paper_10x18cm. P.O.

Alive_Monoprint_30x42cm_FOR SALE

Inspired by Tracey_Monoprint_40x54cm_SOLD

Triumph of beeing_Monoprint_30x42cm_SOLD

Moonshine got me_ Monoprint_30x42cm_FOR SALE


A star is born_Monoprint_21x15 cm_SOLD

The white scarf_Monoprint_21x15 cm_FOR SALE

Wrapped flowers_Monotypi_21x15 cm_SOLD

Beginnings_Monotypi_24x26 cm_FOR SALE

The wild Iris_21x30 cm_FOR SALE